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Alchemy SureSort Optical recycling sorter
Advanced sorting systems

Caring for the environment

By achieving greater resource recovery quality and quantity

Caring for our Partners

By being committed to forming long lasting partnerships

Caring for our business

By being sustainable profitable and world-leading

About Alchemy

In 2009 engineers Paul Qualtrough and Tom Laurie partnered with Hamish Kennedy and Gavin Reeve, founders of globally successful technology companies.

Our vision was to develop a recycling sorting solution to create:

  • A win for recycling operators in the form of sustainable, profitable business models based on new technology and best practices.

  • A win for the environment from more resource recovery and less litter around our streets, parks and oceans.

  • A win for Alchemy as a sustainable, profitable, high tech business.

Alchemy has now commissioned significant projects in Australia and New Zealand, helping local MRF operators optimize their operations with our unique technology.

Our continued focus on research and development and commitment to using the latest technology ensures our customers remain industry leaders.


Alchemy Systems Limited

57 Mahunga Drive

Mangere Bridge

Auckland 2022

New Zealand

+64 9 636 5412


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