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Alchemy SureSort Optical recycling sorter

Unlimited Products

Measure once and allocate products to any destination

Multilane Sorting

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Multilane sorting can scale to suit any sorting facility.

Advanced AI allows output purity of sorted material to be greater than 95%


Small footprint and easy integration into any recycling facility


Singulate, recognize and eject up to 9000 items per hour per lane

Future Proof

Technology license for continual upgrade and support


Simultaneously sorts from a stream of mixed plastics,  metals, glass and 3D fibre recyclables

Smart Monitoring

Self-diagnosing online and remote system monitoring and alerts

User Friendly Software

Simple software to easily manage flow of material on the fly

SureSort Features


Alchemy Systems Limited

57 Mahunga Drive

Mangere Bridge

Auckland 2022

New Zealand

+64 9 636 5412


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